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Luggage & Extras

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Our Taxis Will Take Up To A Certain Quantity Of Luggage Explained Bellow Per Number Of Passengers. Please Note That This Is Not An Accurate Estimation As Many Factors Can Occur When Booking.

Saloon Car 

Up To 2 Big Bag + 2 Small Cases ( Max 3 Passengers ) 

8 Seater MPV

8 Big + 8 Small Cases 

( Max 8 Passengers ) 

16 Big + 16 Small Cases

( Max 5 Passengers )

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Our In-Car Extras Are Designed To Suit Your Long Or Short Journey Needs. Feel Free To Ask  For Any Of Them As They Are Indeed Free Of Charge.

Phone Charger

Charge your phone for free with us.

Ask your driver.

Free Wi-Fi

Free in car Wi-Fi is subject to signal area and on board device availability.

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