Pricing & Payments

At Prime Cabs nothing will be left in the grey area and nothing will create any type of confusion for our customers. Our drivers are also instructed to be as informative and helpful as possible so that no one is left in the dark. 

Everything you need to know about how we will price your booking or how you can pay for it is listed below. If we left anything out it`s not because we forgot. It`s because that is all you need to know. And really. That is all. There is no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises with us. 



On 3 different taxi tariffs ( Day Tariff - Night Tariff Or Sundays All Day/Public/Bank Holidays - Christmas & New Year Eve Tariff) 

£2.80, £4.20 and £5.60 per mile.

Long Distance

The further you travel the better discount you will receive.

Flat Rates

Involve discussing before hand a fixed price for your taxi journey. This way you will know exactly how much you`re paying.



We accept cash on arrival or upfront. Terms and conditions apply for outside of town journeys.


We accept all major debit & credit cards including contactless of up to your bank`s limit per transaction.


We only accept bank transfer for all our account work on a 14 days max wait payment & invoicing system.

taxi driver with taxi meter inside car