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4 - 6 Seater Taxis In Blandford Forum

          Looking for a top-notch taxi service?  You have found the best!

          Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Prime Cabs  and our team of professionals are available whenever you need us. We don't just meet your expectations, we will raise the standards!


          Prime Cabs serves the needs of residents in Blandford Forum, Dorset and the surrounding area since 2017 and since then our company has been committed to being the best at what we do.


          Our range of 1 to 6 seater taxi services include: Seaports & Airports Transport, Coach & Train Stations, Casual Dorset & Blandford Taxis, Contracts & School Runs, Hotel & Wedding Venues.


          All our drivers have passed an enhanced children and adults work force DBS check including an emergency first aid and driver`s awareness course.


          We are taxi drivers, professionals and we think it is the way forward in any business, but more than that, we are friends with our customers. That is why we always make sure our cars ambience have a bit more family and friends feel.


          Temperature preference?  Wi-fi connection? Phone charging point? Or anything else that would make your taxi ride more comfortable with us?  Please do let us know and  we will be more than happy to help you.


          We also like to keep things really simple at Prime Cabs Most of the times, whilst each of us are busy, busy, we have a permanent driver on call. So therefore chances for us to say no to a job, any job, are pretty small. 


          Always welcoming new time to time customers, long distances, contract work, night out goers etc. Everyone is welcomed in our little, but constantly growing family. Shy or nervous passengers? Not to worry about it. Lady driver available on request.

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          Remember! For any reasons you might be looking for taxis in Blandford Forum, we are the company to call and we guarantee you an enjoyable ride, hassle free and give you plenty of reasons to call us straight away next time instead of browsing around.

          Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting our page.

Why Prime Cabs?

...why should I call them?...

          Since 2017 we are the number one choice in the area for many people when  it comes down to the most efficient and reliable taxi service in the area.

Give us a try and convince yourself why. 

          The easiest number to remember 87 87 87 , clean cars, wide range of spot on services, friendly drivers, easy booking system, operating 7 days/week early to late hours, card payments, in-car perks, safe drivers, well maintained cars...And the list could go on...

          Call Us Now.

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